Pulse: A Stepbrother Romance

Leah Allen
The last thing I needed was another bad boy.
Hard muscles. Handsome. Hot tattoos. He had a dangerous, I don't give a f*** attitude that made him irresistible. 
It was supposed to be a one-night stand, but when Dad introduced Chris as my new stepbrother, I knew I was in trouble. His world of gangs and violence would destroy me. I needed to stay away.
Why do I find that impossible?

Chris Belzer
Drugs, fights, death. A typical Wednesday. Meeting Leah changed everything—music coursed through my veins when we f***ed. I knew she would be the key to escaping the quicksand I'd been mired in for ten years.
I shouldn't want her. I couldn't resist her. Breaking out of the crime and blood and into a new life would be impossible without her.