Shaken: A Football Romance

I called him Cocky. I didn’t want to know his real name.
We met on spring break five years ago and had a magnificent, heart-melting fling. A perfect connection, the kind where we stayed up all night talking about our hopes and dreams—when we weren’t having insanely hot sex that left me a satisfied puddle of woman. Going to schools across the country, we knew it was for one week only. That didn’t make it any less devastating when we went our separate ways.
Now I’m a PhD candidate studying concussions with LA’s major league football team, and I had to sign a code of conduct saying I wouldn’t get involved with any players. It wouldn’t have been a problem until I was introduced to LA’s new superstar quarterback.
I never thought I would see Cocky again. How the hell am I supposed to resist him?

She’ll always be Sexy to me.
I came to Los Angeles to win a championship, and nothing else mattered to me. Until I found her again. The one that got away. 
She wouldn’t tell me her name, so I called her Sexy. It was supposed to be a one night stand. Then she stole little bits of my heart until she had the whole damned thing. She was naive to think I could just forget her once our week together was over.
Now she’s back within reach, and I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine.

Shaken is a standalone football romance with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after ending.