Taking Flight: A Billionaire Romantic Suspense

Derek Devereux is a larger-than-life figure, a billionaire socialite whose influence dominates Los Angeles. He and his brothers have captivated the country since they emerged from anonymity. 
The Devereux brothers have a secret—no one knows where their wealth came from. The investigative journalist Sara Flight is determined to find out and uses her skills to sneak into a Hollywood party and meet Derek. He’s even more impressive than she’d imagined, and she is forced to walk a delicate balance between investigating the billionaire without his knowledge and dating him.
When a large knife is thrust through her front door with an ominous warning pinned underneath, Sara suspects her mysterious billionaire is more dangerous than she realizes. Can she uncover the mysteries of the man she's falling for… or will her desire for the truth only endanger them both?

Taking Flight is the first in the series of Devereux Novels. The book can be read standalone as the main romantic and suspense plots are self-contained with no cliffhangers. The overall Devereux story arc continues to the next novel.